How many beaches does Naxos have?

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and you could see all beaches and take your time...

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How many villages does Naxos have?

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and create your own schedule in order to view
all beautiful villages our island has...

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the biggest in all Cyclades complex.



coastline, for your eyes to see and your mind to get free.

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Our first concern is the maintenance and regular servicing of our vehicles . Your safety is our first concern.


We don't see you as customers, but as guests on our island. It is out duty, to offer you the best hospitality we could.


We rent cars in order to show you the beauty of our island. It has a lot to discover and a car is the most direct and easy way.

Select the ideal for you.

We have 4 brand new cars of 2016 to choose. Citroen C1, Peugeot 108, Toyota Yaris, Fiat Panta.
Remember that we are here for you, our goal is your hospitality. Ask us any questions even for adviced routes - restaurants - beaches - attractions.

Cars ready to go under any circumstancies.

With frequent service and standard maintenance, our cars can handle all conditions.
Are flexible and can handle all circumstancies of the island

Cars ideal for our island, Naxos

Our island is a large, with provincial road network, that's why our cars are small and flexible. They fit comfortably up to 5 people, but is not large to have difficulty in getting around. You can easily park everywhere in our beautiful villages and descend comfortably on our beaches.

Rent a car and upgrade your holidays in Naxos.

The best way to see the beauty of our island is the car . With our low prices , you can enjoy daily excursions to beaches and traditional villages , coastal and inland. Do not forget that there are many archaeological monuments which are unique in the world.

Vehicles flexibly in low prices...

We are a family business, our only advertising is satisfied customers. Our goal is to offer the best hospitality to people who want to see up close, the beauties of our island . We try to be there for our clients , either the need or the counsel for the parties believe that one must see.
We are a small family business that keep prices low and our quality high.

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We are here for you

Whatever you need we are by your side. We offer security on all our cars and we are just a phonecall away.

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Our vehicles are always maintained on time, plus a full control every March before season.

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